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Hodlezz app features

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Collaborating with top-tier industry partners to bring you superior crypto tracking and asset management solutions, enhancing your investment experience.


Powerful Tools to Grow Your Crypto Portfolio

Manage, track, and analyze your digital assets with one app


Get an overview of your crypto portfolio

Make better decisions by having live data and a complete overview of your assets in one single portfolio

Hodlezz features

24/7 Asset Awareness with Advanced Analytics

Gain real-time insights and analytics to stay informed, 24/7.

Hodlezz app features

All Your NFTs & Coins in One Place

Effortlessly manage all your crypto assets in a single, unified dashboard.


Leverage opportunities based on your assets

Increase financial value by leveraging custom tailored opportunities based on your coins and NFTs

Receive custom tailored opportunities based on your coins and NFTs, getting the best APRs available and keeping up with the market

Connect with over 40 wallets and exchanges for complete tracking.


Stay informed with news, refer your friends and unlock rewards

Get informed with curated news, take advantage of the referral system and claim exclusive community rewards

Get informed with curated news updates, refer friends and keep an eye on the claimable rewards.


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All Your Crypto & NFT holdings in 3 Easy Steps

Quickly Set Up and Start Tracking Your NFTs and Coins Effortlessly


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Start tracking all your crypto assets now

Experience seamless management of your digital assets with Hodlezz: the premier app for real-time tracking and analytics of your cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about crypto portfolio tracking, NFT management, and integrations. For more direct assistance, join our Discord community.

Hodlezz is the ultimate crypto portfolio tracker app, allowing you to monitor all your coins and NFTs in a single place. It provides real-time insights, comprehensive analytics, and a complete overview of your digital assets, empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

Download the Hodlezz app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. It acts as your mobile crypto tracker, letting you monitor your portfolio, view real-time prices, and stay informed about the market anytime, anywhere.


Hodlezz offers a wide range of features ideal for crypto management, including 24/7 asset tracking with advanced analytics, a unified dashboard for all your crypto holdings, and the ability to identify potential opportunities through custom alerts.

Hodlezz provides a complete overview of your crypto portfolio, including live data, insightful analytics, and a unified view of all your assets across exchanges and wallets. This comprehensive information empowers you to make informed investment decisions.

Yes! Hodlezz seamlessly integrates with over 40 wallets and exchanges. This allows you to effortlessly track and manage all your digital assets in one place, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

The Hodlezz community offers several benefits for crypto investors. Stay informed with curated news, connect with other investors, refer friends and earn rewards, all within the app. This fosters a supportive environment while enhancing your investment experience and knowledge.

Absolutely! Hodlezz allows you to track thousands of crypto assets, including any coin and NFT. It connects with over 40 centralized exchanges, blockchains, and all their compatible wallets, providing comprehensive tracking capabilities.

Getting started with Hodlezz is easy! Simply sign up using Google, Discord, or Unstoppable Domains. Create a new portfolio for your specific needs, then connect your preferred wallets, exchanges, and blockchains from our extensive list. You’ll be tracking your crypto in no time!

Web3 users, including crypto investors and NFT collectors from various platforms like AppStore, Google Play, and Discord, have provided positive testimonials about their experiences with Hodlezz. They appreciate its user-friendly interface, comprehensive tracking abilities, and valuable insights.

Hodlezz collaborates with top-tier industry partners to bring you superior crypto tracking and asset management solutions. The app has also garnered positive recognition within the Web3 ecosystem and beyond, showcasing its credibility and reliability.

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