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Building a Thriving Web3 Community

Hodlezz is on a mission to accelerate Web3 adoption. We partner with innovative projects and businesses to grow our user base and empower yours. Through strategic collaborations, we create exciting experiences that engage millions of active web3 users, fostering a collaborative environment for all.


Streamline and enhance your financial decision-making with a unified dashboard providing a comprehensive overview of portfolio evolution.


Maximize your financial outcomes by navigating through the noisy ecosystem with customized opportunities tailored to your assets.


Engage with tailored web3 communities, simplifying access to curated information and rewarding systems based on your investment behaviors and interests.

Our Latest Collaborations

Discover how our recent Web3 partnership growth activations are innovating the Web3 space, driving user engagement, and setting new standards for community activations.

Parthership Benefits

Partner with Hodlezz

Unlock unparalleled benefits and elevate your project within the Web3 space through strategic partnership with Hodlezz.

  • Access a dedicated and active web3 community
  • Benefit from approaches that align with your goals
  • Gain increased exposure to your projects
  • Co-marketing to amplify reach and impact
  • Foster community engagement
  • Web Collaborations for stronger market presence

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about key details and benefits of partnering with the Hodlezz platform. Stay updated by following us on social media!

By partnering, we leverage each other’s strengths to access and engage Web3 users more effectively, promoting our projects through targeted campaigns for shared growth.

Startups gain enhanced exposure, strategic support, and direct access to active Web3 communities, accelerating their growth and presence in the ecosystem.


Partnerships range from co-marketing initiatives and shared campaigns to joint community events, all aimed at mutual engagement and user base expansion.

Partners typically observe increased project engagement and community growth within a few months, thanks to our targeted and collaborative marketing efforts.

We look for innovative partners with a passion for the Web3 space, aiming for collaborations that offer reciprocal growth and align with our community-focused goals.

Through initial strategic discussions, we align our collaboration with both parties’ objectives, setting the foundation for a successful and goal-oriented partnership.

Hodlezz ensures partners thrive by facilitating connections with our Web3 community, offering visibility through our platform, and promoting joint initiatives to drive engagement.

Absolutely, we value enduring partnerships and actively seek opportunities to build on our successes with ongoing collaborative projects.

We define success through engagement metrics, community growth, and the achievement of joint marketing objectives, custom-tailored to each partnership.

Yes, we are enthusiastic about partnering with international projects that align with our mission, offering them a gateway to the vibrant Web3 community.

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