What is AscendEX?


AscendEX Overview. Key Features and Reputation

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Year Founded




Regulatory Status

Operates with licenses in certain jurisdictions, regulatory clarity varies by region.

Suitable For

Experienced traders, those comfortable with higher-risk, small-cap altcoins.

AscendEX caters to experienced traders seeking lesser-known altcoins and advanced features like margin trading. Its focus on smaller-cap projects comes with potential rewards and higher risks. Ascendex might be a valuable addition to your crypto tracking app if you want to stay on top of emerging coins.


AscendEX Assets & Features

Major coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others

Altcoins: Extensive selection with a focus on lesser-known projects.

Fiat Support

Limited direct fiat on-ramps, may require third-party services.

Trading Tools

Interface types: Basic and advanced

Order types: Market, limit, stop-loss, etc.

Additional Features

Staking, margin trading, futures.


AscendEX Fees & Security

Fee Structure

Tiered maker/taker model, discounts with ASD holdings.

Deposit/Withdrawal fees vary by asset.


Faced a hack in the past, current security posture less clear.

2FA, address whitelisting, mixed hot/cold storage


AscendEX Customer Support


Ticket system, email, knowledge base.

Availability & Responsiveness

Rarely inconsistent.


Should You Consider AscendEX for Your Crypto Needs?

Deciding whether to explore Ascendex hinges on your appetite for risk and your overall objectives within the crypto landscape. If you’re an experienced trader seeking to diversify your crypto portfolio with potentially high-growth altcoins and have the expertise to navigate advanced features like margin trading, Ascendex could be a valuable tool in your arsenal. However, meticulously researching Ascendex’s regulatory standing in your region and keeping a vigilant eye on its security measures is essential.

Details about AscendEX to consider

  • Discover hidden gems

    Potential to get in early on promising altcoins.

  • Advanced trading features

    Margin and futures for experienced traders.

  • Proceed with caution

    Prioritize research on security history and regulatory status.


How to track AscendEX assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your AscendEX assets with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

Hodlezz app portfolio data and features

Easy guide to track and capitalize all your AscendEX assets

AscendEX api instructions for Hodlezz app

From the account tab, select [API Setting]

From the API Setting page, select [New API Key]

AscendEX api instructions for Hodlezz app
AscendEX api instructions for Hodlezz app

Follow the provided instructions and make sure the API is correctly set up to View/Read-Only

Copy the Public and Secret Key of your new API

AscendEX api instructions for Hodlezz app

Use the Hodlezz mobile app to get more out of your CEX assets

Hodlezz app portfolio instructions

Open the Hodlezz mobile app and create a portfolio

Select the settings icon in your portfolio

Hodlezz app coin display
Hodlezz app Portfolio menu

Select [Add connector] from the menu

Select [AscendEX] to sync all your AscendEX assets

Ascendex integration in Hodlezz app
API Setup in Hodlezz app instructions

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public and secret key of your Read-only API

Start tracking all your crypto assets now

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