What is Crypto.com?


Crypto.com Overview. Key Features and Reputation

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Regulatory Status

Operates in various jurisdictions with varying levels of compliance. Check its availability and regulations within your specific region

Suitable For

Traders and investors seeking a wide range of crypto assets, features, and potential rewards, including those who are interested in the Crypto.com Visa card

Crypto.com stands as a multifaceted cryptocurrency platform offering a vast array of features and services. It caters to a broad user base, from beginners venturing into crypto to experienced traders seeking advanced functionality. Its key offerings include a feature-rich exchange, staking programs, an integrated NFT marketplace, and the unique Crypto.com Visa card program.


Crypto.com Assets & Features

Trading Tools

Interface types: User-friendly web platform and a sophisticated mobile app.

Order Types: Market, limit, stop-limit, stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop-loss, and other advanced order types.

Lending and Credit: Crypto-backed loans and credit line features.

Additional Features

Crypto.com Earn: Flexible and fixed-term staking for a variety of crypto assets.

NFT Marketplace: Platform for buying, selling, and minting NFTs.

Crypto.com Visa Card: Multiple tiers offering varying benefits, including cashback paid in CRO (Crypto.com's native token).


Crypto.com Fees & Security

Fee Structure

Trading fees: Maker/taker model with discounts based on trading volume and CRO holdings.

Deposit/Withdrawal fees: Can vary depending on the asset and method chosen.

Additional Fees: Might apply for services like NFT transactions and the Crypto.com Card program.


Security measures: 2FA, cold storage, address whitelisting.

It's essential to independently research Crypto.com's security practices and assess them in light of your risk tolerance.


Crypto.com Customer Support


Support through ticketing system, live chat, and a vast knowledge base.

Availability & Responsiveness

Experiences can vary, with inconsistency in response times being a common complaint.


Should You Consider Crypto.com for Your Crypto Needs?

Crypto.com presents a compelling option if you prioritize the following:

  • Feature-Rich Ecosystem

    A diverse range of services within a single platform.

  • Staking and Earning Potential

    Crypto.com Earn offers yield-generating opportunities.

  • Crypto-Based Rewards

    The Crypto.com Visa card program and CRO token offer unique benefits.

  • Accessibility

    User-friendly interfaces and a strong mobile focus cater to various experience levels.


How to track Crypto.com assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your Crypto.com assets with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

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Select the settings icon in your portfolio

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Hodlezz app Portfolio menu

Select [Add connector] from the menu

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Crypto.com integration in Hodlezz app
API Setup in Hodlezz app instructions

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public and secret key of your Read-only API

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