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Proof-of-Work (PoW) (Transitioned to Proof-of-Stake (PoS))

Ethereum revolutionized blockchain technology by introducing smart contracts, enabling a whole new world of decentralized applications (dApps) and programmable logic. It boasts a vast developer community, a flourishing ecosystem of DeFi protocols, the largest NFT marketplace, and serves as a foundation for countless other blockchain projects. Ethereum’s ongoing transition to Proof-of-Stake aims to address scalability and sustainability challenges, paving the way for its continued growth and innovation.


Ethereum staking mechanism and details

Ethereum is currently undergoing a major transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Here’s how staking will work on the upgraded Ethereum:

Details about Ethereum staking

  • Validator Requirements

    To become a validator, users must stake a minimum of 32 ETH and run specialized software.

  • Rewards

    Validators earn rewards in ETH for securing the network and validating transactions.

  • Lido and Similar Services

    Platforms like Lido offer liquid staking, allowing users to stake smaller amounts of ETH and receive derivative tokens representing their staked ETH.

Coin Utility

Used to pay transaction fees (gas), participate in staking, and as a medium of exchange within the Ethereum ecosystem.


While ETH doesn’t have a fixed maximum supply, recent changes (EIP-1559) have introduced a burning mechanism which can make ETH deflationary under certain conditions.

Layer 2 Solutions

To address scalability issues, Ethereum relies on Layer 2 solutions (e.g., Optimism, Arbitrum) to increase throughput and reduce transaction costs.


Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum’s smart contract functionality laid the foundation for the explosion of dApps in various industries. Solidity is the most widely used programming language for developing Ethereum smart contracts. Ethereum’s developer ecosystem provides extensive tooling and resources, fostering innovation and continuous development of new use cases.

Details about Ethereum smart contracts

  • Robust Developer Community

    Tap into a vast network of developers, extensive resources, and established tooling.

  • Wide Range of Use Cases

    Supports diverse applications, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and much more.


Ethereum Wallet Options

Hodlezz app showcase


The go-to wallet for interacting with Ethereum-based dApps and services.


Mobile wallet focused on security and user experience in the DeFi space.


Non-custodial mobile wallet with a focus on NFTs and collectibles.

Ledger and Trezor

Hardware wallets offer enhanced security for storing ETH and other ERC-20 tokens.


How to Buy Ethereum (ETH): A Guide to Popular Exchanges

As the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) is widely available for purchase on various exchanges. Let’s explore some popular options to help you find the best place to buy Ethereum for your needs.

Best CEXs to Buy ETH

  • Binance

    Global exchange featuring high liquidity and ETH trading pairs.

  • Coinbase

    Popular and user-friendly exchange with ETH trading.

  • Kraken

    Well-respected exchange offering a good selection of cryptocurrencies, including ETH.

  • KuCoin

    Global exchange featuring several trading pairs for ETH.

  • Gemini

    Trusted exchange regulated in the US, known for security and compliance, featuring ETH trading.

Best DEXs to Buy ETH

  • Uniswap

    Market-leading decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network.

  • Sushiswap

     Popular DEX offering additional yield-earning opportunities.

  • 1inch

    DEX aggregator sourcing liquidity from multiple exchanges for potential price optimization.

    Curve Finance

    Specialized DEX focusing on stablecoin swaps, often a source of wrapped ETH (WETH).

Important Note: Always research and consider factors such as fees, security, supported fiat currencies, and regional availability before choosing an exchange. It’s recommended to compare multiple options to find the best way to buy Ethereum that suits your requirements.


How to track Ethereum assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your Ethereum assets from multiple sources with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

Hodlezz app portfolio data and features

7 easy steps to track and capitalize all your Ethereum assets

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Ethereum wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio
Ethereum wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio

Select your Ethereum public wallet address and copy it

Open the Hodlezz mobile app and create a portfolio

Hodlezz app portfolio instructions
Hodlezz app coin display

Select the settings icon in your portfolio

Select [Add connector] from the menu

Hodlezz app Portfolio menu
Ethereum integration in Hodlezz app

Select [Ethereum] for any Ethereum compatible address

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public wallet address

Hodlezz app portfolio connector setup

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