What is Hedera?


Hedera Blockchain Summary

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Public Distributed Ledger (not a traditional blockchain)



Hedera distinguishes itself with its unique Hashgraph consensus mechanism, an alternative to traditional blockchains. Hashgraph achieves lightning-fast transaction speeds, incredibly low fees, and high levels of finality, making it suitable for enterprise-grade applications. Unlike traditional blockchains, Hedera’s structure avoids the possibility of forking, offering consistency and predictability. It’s governed by a council of reputable organizations, including Google and IBM, adding a degree of trust for institutions.


Hedera staking mechanism and details

Hedera uses a proxy staking system where HBAR holders can indirectly participate in network security and earn rewards by associating their tokens with nodes. This process doesn’t require running your own node or technical expertise. Staking rewards are determined based on the amount of HBAR associated with a node, the node’s performance, and overall network activity.

Details about Hedera staking

  • Proxy Staking

    Earn rewards by staking HBAR through proxy staking, making participation accessible.

  • Network Security & Stability

    Contribute to securing the Hedera network and ensuring its reliability for users.


Blockchain's native cryptocurrency: HBAR

Used for paying transaction fees, participating in proxy staking, and playing a role in network governance.


HBAR has a fixed maximum supply of 50 billion tokens.

Enterprise Focus

HBAR is closely tied to the adoption of Hedera by large-scale enterprises and institutions.


Hedera Smart Contracts

Hedera provides several key services, including

  • Hedera Consensus Service (HCS)

    Enables secure and efficient ordering of messages or events, acting as a verifiable timestamping system within applications.

  • Hedera Smart Contract Service (HSCS)

    Supports Solidity-based smart contracts for implementing more complex programmable logic on the network.

  • Hedera Token Service (HTS)

    Allows for the creation and management of native fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Hedera.


Hedera Wallet Options

Hodlezz app showcase


Popular Hedera wallet with a user-friendly interface.


Browser-extension wallet for interacting with Hedera dApps.


Hardware wallet solution for those prioritizing maximum HBAR security.


How to Buy Hedera (HBAR): Your Guide to Top Exchanges

Ready to invest in Hedera (HBAR)? Acquiring HBAR is possible through various centralized and decentralized exchanges. Here’s an overview of some popular options to help you find the best place to buy Hedera for your needs.

Best CEXs to Buy HBAR

  • Binance

    Global exchange featuring high liquidity and HBAR trading pairs.

  • KuCoin

    Global exchange featuring several trading pairs for HBAR.

  • Bittrex

    Well-established exchange with a variety of crypto assets, including HBAR.

  • Uphold

    Platform supporting multiple asset classes, including the ability to buy HBAR.

  • HTX (Huobi Global)

    Leading exchange with diverse crypto offerings, including HBAR.

Best DEXs to Buy HBAR

  • SaucerSwap

    The leading decentralized exchange on the Hedera network for swaps and liquidity pools.

  • HeliSwap

    A growing DEX within the Hedera ecosystem. Please note: DEXs on Hedera are still developing, so options may be more limited compared to larger blockchains.

Important Note: Always research and consider factors such as fees, security, supported fiat currencies, and regional availability before choosing an exchange. It’s recommended to compare multiple options to find the best way to buy HBAR that suits your specific needs.


How to track Hedera assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your Hedera assets from multiple sources with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

Hodlezz app portfolio data and features

7 easy steps to track and capitalize all your Hedera assets

Open your crypto wallet app or web extension

Hedera wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio
Hedera wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio

Select your Hedera public wallet address and copy it

Open the Hodlezz mobile app and create a portfolio

Hodlezz app portfolio instructions
Hodlezz app coin display

Select the settings icon in your portfolio

Select [Add connector] from the menu

Hodlezz app Portfolio menu
Hedera integration in Hodlezz app

Select [Hedera] for any Hedera compatible address

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public wallet address

Hodlezz app portfolio connector setup

Start tracking all your crypto assets now

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