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Radix Blockchain Summary

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Cerberus (Byzantine Fault Tolerant)

Radix aims to solve the scalability trilemma with its unique approach to sharding and its novel Cerberus consensus mechanism. Its sharded design is specifically tailored for DeFi, enabling potentially unlimited scalability without compromising composability (the ability for dApps to seamlessly interact). Radix puts emphasis on developer experience with Scrypto, a programming language designed to simplify smart contract creation and enhance security.


Radix staking mechanism and details

Radix employs a Proof-of-Stake consensus model where XRD holders can participate in two primary ways to secure the network and earn rewards:

Details about Radix staking

  • Validator

    Requires running a validator node, providing resources, and having a substantial XRD stake.

  • Delegator

    Delegating XRD to a chosen validator offers a lower barrier to entry and participation in network security.

Staking rewards are distributed based on the amount staked, validator performance, and overall network activity.

Coin Utility

The native cryptocurrency of the Radix Public Network is essential for staking, payment of transaction fees, and participation in the network’s governance.


Initial Supply: 12 billion XRD were minted at genesis.
Emission Schedule: A further 12 billion XRD is scheduled to be minted by the Radix Protocol as network emission rewards over an approximately 40 year period.


XRD is not mined in the traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) sense. Instead, it uses a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) model to secure the network and distribute new token emissions


Fee Burn: A percentage of transaction fees on the Radix network are burned, potentially creating a deflationary effect on the XRD supply over time.


A large portion of the total XRD supply is distributed over time as network emission rewards to validators and stakers who secure the network. A portion of XRD is allocated for community development initiatives and building out the Radix ecosystem.


Staking XRD grants token holders voting power to participate in governance proposals and influence decisions that shape the network’s direction.


Radix Smart Contracts

Radix leverages Scrypto, an asset-oriented programming language specifically created for the development of secure and intuitive DeFi applications. Scrypto’s resource-oriented approach aims to eliminate common smart contract vulnerabilities and streamline the development process.

Details about Radix smart contracts

  • Scrypto & Asset-Oriented Design

    Utilize an asset-oriented programming model designed to simplify and secure DeFi applications.

  • Cerberus Consensus

    Benefits from a unique parallelizable consensus mechanism built for scalability and efficiency.


Radix Wallet Options

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Radix Mobile Wallet

Primary mobile wallet app for storing XRD and interacting with the Radix ecosystem.

Radix Desktop Wallet (official)

Primary wallet for storing XRD and interacting with the Radix ecosystem.

Instabridge Wallet

Gateway for bridging assets to the Radix network and participating in its DeFi landscape.

Note: Radix's ecosystem is still maturing, and more wallet options may become available in the future.


How to Buy Radix (XRD): A Guide to Popular Exchanges

Ready to invest in Radix (XRD)? Acquiring XRD can be done through select centralized exchanges. Here’s an overview of some popular options to help you find the best place to buy Radix for your needs.

Best CEXs to Buy XRD

  • KuCoin

    A well-established global exchange offering various trading pairs, currently one of the main exchanges listing XRD.

  • Gate.io

    Another global exchange with a variety of crypto assets, including XRD.

  • MEXC Global

    Exchange known for supporting emerging projects, often lists newer tokens like XRD.

  • Bitfinex

    A popular exchange featuring margin trading and potential XRD listings.

Best DEXs to Buy XRD

  • Research Evolving Landscape

    Due to Radix’s unique Scrypto-based architecture, DEX options may be limited initially. Keep an eye on potential partnerships or the development of Radix-native DEXs.

Important Notes:

  • Limited Availability: XRD listings are still relatively limited compared to larger-cap cryptocurrencies.
  • Evolving Ecosystem: As the Radix ecosystem grows, more exchanges (both CEXs and DEXs) are likely to offer XRD trading.

How to track Radix assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your Radix assets from multiple sources with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

Hodlezz app portfolio data and features

7 easy steps to track and capitalize all your Radix assets

Open your crypto wallet app or web extension

Radix wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio
Radix wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio

Select your Radix public wallet address and copy it

Open the Hodlezz mobile app and create a portfolio

Hodlezz app portfolio instructions
Hodlezz app coin display

Select the settings icon in your portfolio

Select [Add connector] from the menu

Hodlezz app Portfolio menu
Radix integration in Hodlezz app

Select [Radix] for any Radix compatible address

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public wallet address

Hodlezz app portfolio connector setup

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