What is Solana?


Solana Blockchain Summary

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Proof-of-History (PoH)

Solana distinguishes itself in the blockchain world with its laser focus on blazing-fast transaction speeds and incredibly low fees. Its unique Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanism introduces a verifiable flow of time into the blockchain, streamlining transaction processing and enabling throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second. Solana has attracted a vibrant ecosystem of DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and other dApps drawn to its scalability and user-friendliness.


Solana staking mechanism and details

Solana employs a Proof-of-Stake-based system where SOL holders can actively participate in network consensus and earn rewards via two primary methods:

Details about Solana staking

  • Validator

    Becoming a validator requires technical expertise and a significant SOL stake, offering potentially higher rewards.

  • Delegator

    Delegating your SOL to a validator provides a simpler way to earn rewards while contributing to network security.

Staking rewards are generated based on validator uptime, performance, the amount of SOL staked, and overall network activity.

Coin Utility

Used for paying transaction fees, participating in staking, and playing a role in network governance.


Around 500 million SOL were minted at genesis. Solana employs an inflationary model with a disinflationary rate. New SOL tokens are issued as staking rewards, and the inflation rate is designed to decrease over time.


SOL is not mined through Proof-of-Work (PoW). It utilizes a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system where validators secure the network.


A portion of transaction fees on the Solana network are burned, reducing the overall SOL supply.


A significant portion of SOL is distributed as validator rewards to incentivize network security. The Solana Foundation holds a portion of SOL for network development and ecosystem growth.


Staking SOL provides token holders with voting power to participate in on-chain governance decisions.


Solana Smart Contracts

Solana applications are primarily written in Rust, a popular programming language known for its performance and security. Its developer ecosystem provides tools and resources for building high-throughput DeFi applications, NFT projects, and other innovative use cases.

Details about Solana smart contracts

  • High Transaction Throughput

    Experience fast and efficient smart contract execution with Solana’s focus on scalability.

  • Rust Programming Language

    Utilizes the Rust programming language for performance and secure code development.


Solana Wallet Options

Hodlezz app showcase


Popular wallet designed for the Solana ecosystem.


Another Solana-focused wallet offering staking management features.

Ledger and Trezor

Hardware wallets for maximum security when storing SOL.


How to Buy Solana (SOL): Your Guide to Top Exchanges

Ready to invest in Solana (SOL)? Many centralized and decentralized exchanges offer opportunities to purchase SOL. Here’s a look at some of the top options to find the best way to buy Solana that suits your needs.

Best CEXs to Buy SOL

  • Binance

    Global leader in cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity and a wide range of SOL trading pairs.

  • Coinbase

    Popular and user-friendly exchange with SOL trading.

  • Kraken

    Well-regarded exchange focused on security and a good selection of cryptocurrencies, including SOL.

  • KuCoin

    Global exchange featuring several trading pairs for SOL.

  • HTX (Huobi Global)

    Leading exchange with diverse crypto offerings, including SOL.

Best DEXs to Buy SOL

  • Serum

    The leading decentralized exchange built on the Solana network, offering order-book functionality and liquidity pools.

  • Raydium

    A prominent DEX on Solana focused on automated market making (AMM) and yield farming opportunities.

  • Orca

    A popular and user-friendly DEX within the Solana ecosystem.

Important Note: Always research and consider factors such as fees, security, supported fiat currencies, and regional availability before choosing an exchange. It’s recommended to compare multiple options to find the best fit for purchasing SOL.


How to track Solana assets?

Monitor and capitalize all your Solana assets from multiple sources with auto-synced data about coin prices, NFT floor prices, advanced analytics and custom asset based opportunities.

Hodlezz app portfolio data and features

7 easy steps to track and capitalize all your Solana assets

Open your crypto wallet app or web extension

Solana wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio
Crypto wallet instructions for Hodlezz portfolio

Select your Solana public wallet address and copy it

Open the Hodlezz mobile app and create a portfolio

Hodlezz app portfolio instructions
Hodlezz app coin display

Select the settings icon in your portfolio

Select [Add connector] from the menu

Hodlezz app Portfolio menu
Solana integration in Hodlezz app

Select [Solana] for any Solana compatible address

Choose a name for your connector and insert your public wallet address

Hodlezz app portfolio connector setup

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